The main goal of the project was to create a set of sports equipment that will fit into the space of a modern apartment with its aesthetics, and by the way will be useful. FITURE is a set of devices designed for strength exercises at home based on the weight of your own body. The project responds to the needs of people who want to train at home safely but do not have space for professional devices. Fiture products correspond to current market and social trends. The user can choose from 30 proposed exercises adapting them to their own physical capabilities and gradually increase the level of difficulty. Configuration options allow you to lay out a general development plan. The basic element of the set is the armchair. Basically, it is a piece of furniture used for resting, but the way it is arranged defines the exercises that we can perform on it.

Dumbbells, which are part of the set, fit into the modern space of the flat, and their additional function is the decorative function - their minimalist character breaks the standard thinking about exercise equipment. Made of wood, the base has a steel element on which the dumbbells rotate and serve as handles for push-ups. The simplified shape of the dumbbell makes it possible to hang them on the wall.